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Blue Train – Pretoria Station upgrade


Please kindly note that the train will now stop at Kloofsig station.

Update on Pretoria Station Closure….

Last communique, The Passenger Rail Association of South Africa (PRASA), who are landlords and custodians of all the South African national railway stations (including our departure stations in Pretoria and Cape Town), have informed The Blue Train that the rail infrastructure (including the signalling systems and sleepers (beams supporting the rails)) of the Pretoria Station are outdated and have to be replaced. The upgrade of the infrastructure at Pretoria Station is going to take approximately 2 ½ months to complete, from the 14th December 2018 – 28 February 2019. During this time, no trains (passenger or freight) will be allowed access into the Pretoria Station.
These imminent upgrades are going to affect The Blue Train’s departures and arrivals between Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 as follows:

Further to the above communique progress has been made and new plans have been put in place to ensure that the guests disembark closer to Pretoria Station, which will be Kloofsig station in the Pretoria area, basically two stations away from Pretoria station..

Please bear in mind that The Blue Train Management will continuously try to improve alternative plans during the Pretoria station closure.


Pretoria – Cape Town:
For all the above departures, the 2019 itinerary will not be affected except that departure will take place at The Blue Train Depot at 18:30. Guests will still check in at the Pretoria station Lounge, corner Paul Kruger & Scheiding streets. Transfers are arranged to the depot to board The Blue Train.

Cape Town – Pretoria:
For all trips from Cape Town to Pretoria, the 2019 itinerary will not be affected except the arrival place and time as follows:
With the imminent Pretoria Station shutdown, The Blue Train WILL NOT ARRIVE OR STOP AT PRETORIA STATION.
The Blue Train arrivals in January and February 2019 will take place at KLOOFSIG STATION STATION AT 10:30 AM.
All TRANSFERS are to be directed to Kloofsig Station (two stations from Pretoria station) and should be waiting for guests by 10:00 AM
The Map and GPS Coordinates for Kloofsig Station are as below.


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