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MalaMala – The ‘New’ MalaMala Camp

They continue to make excellent progress with the MalaMala re-imagination and Phase 3 of the project was completed on-time on 15 July 2018. This includes the MalaMala Camp central area (dining room, bar, lounge and deck) and rooms 1 – 8.

As with Sable Camp, they believe their design team, Michele Throssell Interiors, has done an outstanding job of maintaining the distinctly African character of MalaMala Camp while at the same time introducing a more contemporary edge. They love the earthy colours and bush feel of the camp and, most importantly, believe MalaMala has preserved its soul and identity.

The re-imagination is now 90% complete. There will be no activity for the next two months over the peak season period and the final phase (Rooms 23 – 27) will start on 1 October and finish on 15 December 2018.

‘New’ Camp Names

In keeping with the re-imagination and recent rebranding of MalaMala, they have made some subtle changes to the names of their three camps. The new names are:

* MalaMala Rattrays Camp
* MalaMala Sable Camp
* MalaMala Camp (previously “Main Camp”)

The only significant change is the renaming of Main Camp as MalaMala Camp.

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