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Tour d'Afrique have developed an online business to business (B2B) booking portal for our International Trade Partners which gives them the freedom to perform an array of services flawlessly in real time.

Online Bookings

  • Enables you to create your own custom itinerary as a quote or as a booking.
  • Full details of products and services including descriptions, rates, child and cancellation polices.
  • Live bookings and instant confirmation for products and services for which we have live access to inventory, which includes car rental and a wide range of accommodation.
  • All other services can be booked on request and subject to confirmation.

List Bookings

  • Is a comprehensive list of your internal bookings (bookings generated by Tour d'Afrique consultants) and your own web bookings.
  • A booking dialogue facility exists where you are encouraged to communicate with your in-house consultant with regards to a specific booking - all correspondence relating to your booking in one location.

Rates Manual and Product Manual

  • Create your own customised rates manual whenever you need an update
  • Rates reports are available for any product, country, period and service type and include child, triple or quad rates.
  • Rate tables include block out dates, stay pay specials, minimum booking requirements and any other information that may be available from our suppliers.
  • Rates Manual allows you to export to excel and print rates excluding the detailed policies
  • Product Manual allows you to export and print rates including detailed policies in an indexed excel file.

Product Catalogue

  • A dedicated product search facility allowing you to search our product inventory without date restrictions or rate availability.


  • An overview of the availability of our Allocations and Free Sell product - to be launched soon! 

Media Library

  • A comprehensive gallery of media, including video links, website links, webpages, document links and images - to be launched soon! 

Online Accounts

  • Account information including statements, future billing and general accounts enquiries

If you have not joined our online community as yet, please contact Craig on +27 21 526 9000

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