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Zambia - Overview

Zambia - Overview

Zambia is a land locked country that lies in the watershed of the Congo and Zambezi River systems.  The country is comprised of three great natural lakes that lend itself to a plethora of African wildlife.  Your vacation to Zambia will leave you feeling radiant and satisfied with unique experiences.  Explore further into the sights and excursions you will experience while on your vacation:

Victoria Falls – Capture the very essence of Africa while relaxing in the curtain of spray from the world-renowned Victoria Falls.  Many activities, from bungee jumping to sunset cruises, introduce you to the natural beauty of the falls.

Zambia National Parks – Explore the African safari while on day walks through the African bush and night drives to spot the waking nocturnal wildlife.  Grab hold of you camera to capture images of elusive leopards, lions and other famous safari wildlife.